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Why Choose Us?

Embarking on a build project can be daunting for even seasoned and experienced developers. For many prospective clients, they are overwhelmed with the amount of information online outlining the various planning routes, building control hurdles and pitfalls of the build process.

It is our job to navigate our clients through this minefield and formulate a step by step plan of action to get to the end goal of a beautiful and carefully considered proposal. We differentiate ourselves from draughtsmen and architects around Sale, Timperley and surrounding areas through the following avenues that we are proud to promote.

Why Choose Us? Northedge Architecture


We live in an age where reviews and validation of services is paramount in making choices, be it deciding what restaurant to eat at, what hotel to say at on holiday, what to purchase online.

Safe to say, deciding on how to develop your home comes at the top of the list for many people and shouldn’t be taken for granted. With property extensions costing tens of thousands of hard earned finances, choosing how to spend that money is a key decision and often it starts with us as experienced architects to guide clients from the early stages of an idea through to the implementation of that dream.

We start all projects with a clearly defined brief, establishing client budgets, timescales and objectives and through consistently delivering on these services we have amassed in excess of a 100 positive google reviews online and this is just a selection of our client base. From reading our testimonials you can see that regardless of the scale of job, we offer valued service that often exceeds clients expectations.

Client Centric Approach

We believe in the power of collaboration, where we actively involve our clients in the informed decision-making process. We value our clients ideas as they are ultimately the habitants of the end result.

We found that many architects locally in Manchester didn’t have a track record of a satisfied customer base and we had encountered in some cases clients who had paid even qualified architects to produce planning proposals and have either not been satisfied with the service, the design or the cost considerations.
Some architects will focus on how to create a portfolio of magazine worthy designs with little consideration to the client’s budget and others will have a rigid fee structure where clients feel stuck part way through where communication breaks down or the designs are not what they were after.

We push the design to be the best it can be within the constraints of locality, planning rules and costs keeping in mind viability of making the concept a reality. We see little point in designing beyond these parameters as our aims are to make proposals attainable for our clients.


Searches for architectural services will result in a wide range of offerings from large architects offices, commercial architects, architectural technicians, draughtsmen some of which may be qualified and others not. Some of these service providers won’t have the experience or resources to offer the residential client base we often work with.

To back up our reputation we have the added assurances that we are RIBA fully qualified architects having undertaken 7 years of education of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional certification.

We are also registered under the ARB – Architects Registration Board, giving additional comfort that we will abide by our code of conduct of professionalism and care.

Property Knowledge

Having lived and worked in Manchester, Timperley and Sale for over 15 years we have an understanding of property value and investments.

Local knowledge key in being able to assess the potential of a property market in Manchester as some clients will be weighing up the option between selling their property and moving elsewhere or investing in their current property in order to achieve the space they require.

This is a major decision in an ever changing environment and we prepare ourselves through following what movements are occurring within the property industry.

Planning Record

Working with Trafford Council as Accredited planning agents, we have to keep up with the planning requirements for householder applications. We have a strong track record of over 98% planning approvals in the area and this is partly attributed through our understanding of SPD4 – the residential guidance document that officers often refer to. Householder applications are one route to take, but Permitted Development is also an option for many homeowners. Many clients wont realise this is an option to effectively bypass the lengthy assessment of householder applications if a proposal falls within the parameters set by this route.

We are able to submit Certificate of Lawfulness applications for clients who wish to check if these permitted rights are acceptable. We have seen many cases of homeowners who have attempted applications with other architects or draughtsmen whereby these options could have been employed.


Over the years of serving the local community, we have built a network of structural engineers, building control officers, planning consultants, and building contractors.

For many clients this is a valued offering as it facilitates trusted introductions to other disciplines within the construction industry. For many clients they will not have engaged with any of these individuals in the past and it can be a daunting task to find someone themselves where they have no benchmark for deciding on how to proceed.

Our objective is to guide clients through a stress free process where possible.

3D Design as Standard

We use the latest 3d software as standard for all our projects. This has been used commercially for larger scale projects and we are bringing that technology to our clients who immediately see the benefit. We are able to translate the vision for the scheme into 3d as opposed to solely 2D plan drawings which for many people they struggle to understand massing and space.

Clients are able to visualise their scheme prior do planning permission which minimises grey areas of misunderstanding for example interactions between existing and new building structures and roof junctions. This reduces the amount clients have to amend or reapply to the council as most items are ironed out and established early on.

The added value of having the property built in 3D is that we are able to export that information to create visualisations of interiors and exteriors. Clients are able to visualise their rooms before they are built. By planning the overall look of their space it reduces the number of last minute decisions and facilities a smoother built process, inevitably being a worthwhile investment long term.


How much do architects charge? This is one of the biggest questions clients have when first searching for an architect to partner with. Naturally each project is individual and therefore the quotes are tailored accordingly.

We prefer to use the term value when discussing finances as there is a sum to be considered of expenditure on architects fees and output in return. We are able to provide the personable, one to one service in order to create bespoke designs whilst offering a network of structural engineers, consultants and builders who we can put our clients in touch with.

In addition, we work in 3D software for all projects which exceeds the services offered on 2D only drawing providers. With this in mind, clients get the benefit of working with a small business but with the output and quality that is expected from larger architects practices.

In order to cushion the impact of architectural fees upon our clients, we have streamlined our overheads and structured our workflow in order to achieve optimal efficiency. Being a compact team allows clients to get to know their architect and avoids the handing down of the projects to other staff members which can often happen with larger companies.

We structure our fees in stages to allow for phased expenditure and for clients to be able to build confidence that they are seeing results along the way. We don’t take deposits up front and we don’t take the fee all at once.

Sustainable Design

Our approach to eco design largely centres on the a fabric first approach where we focus on specifying high performance insulations and devising how we can use passive means to heat and cool our homes without the need for aided technologies. This all contributes to a reduced carbon footprint which will be sustainable long term.

We embrace design innovation where appropriate and have experience in integrating services such as energy efficient air source heat pumps and solar panels. With qualifications in architectural engineering, we are able to focus on the integration of building services and have previously delivered on eco-homes, passivhaus and sustainability driven design projects.

We work closely with several suppliers and energy consultants who are able to verify the performance of building elements and we commit to the implementation of these strategies through detailed discussions with the builders on site.