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Riverwood, Hale Barns

This plot is on one of the most desirable locations in Hale Barns, with the majority of properties situated on generous plots and surrounded by luxury detached houses. Each dwelling is individually designed, many of which have been new builds or fully refurbished houses in recent years.

Hale Barns


Scope of Work

  • Survey and existing drawings of existing detached property in Hale Barns. Including measurements of level changes and distances to neighbouring boundaries.
  • Proposed design for new build detached 4 storey property including basement swimming pool and cinema room.
  • Development of external building design with 3D visualisations and elevation drawings.
  • Cost advise with early stage dialogue with building contractors to establish viability and timescales for the project.
  • Preparation of planning forms and coordinating with ecology and tree consultants to produce accompanying reports.
Riverwood Hale Barns Northedge Architecture

The existing property on the site was modest in scale compared with it’s neighbours and was lacking the prominence and design quality that is expected for the area. The owners wished to have a fresh start with the intention to demolish the existing house and create a modern new build home. We were employed as an experienced local architect to explore the possibilities for the site.

Through an initial feasibility study of the neighbouring houses we were able to establish a suitable scale and gabled roof forms that would break the mass of the property effectively into ‘wings’ accessed off a central atrium lobby. This enabled the most efficient route through the house that would branch off into rooms either side and allow for a balanced appearance in elevation.

The proposed plan layout was designed around the clients needs for an open plan living space and kitchen that would overlook the garden. The land to the rear drops significantly creating a natural vantage point to walk onto a rear terrace. We saw an opportunity to add value to the living accommodation and amenity spaces by introducing a lower ground level that responds to the level change in the topography.

In this partially sunken space, there was a full rear elevation that could open up to the garden via sliding doors. Adding an element of luxury and prominence, we designed this space around a recreational indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. In addition, we introduced a cinema room which being adjacent to the pool would offer the homeowners the scope for the ultimate home party and entertainment venue.

The upper levels of the property are divided into 6 generous double bedrooms with en-suites and dressing rooms all arranged around the central atrium. The staircase is formed around the triple height space as a sculptural element and voids in the floor allow connectivity between levels so that the homeowners still feel connected to other parts of the house. This is the balance we strived towards, where the magazine worthy luxury elements are introduced as a bonus but at the heart is the functionality and a direction towards still create a home for a growing family.

Riverwood Hale Barns Northedge Architecture