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Kara Makeup

We are known for our modern residential designs, however this project was an opportunity to work on something completely unique and on one of the most recognisable and prominent sites in Manchester.



Scope of Work

  • Site measurements for this previously vacant landmark building in Manchester City Centre.
  • Layout plans and elevations for proposed make-up studio.
  • Submission to Manchester council for approval of commercial use and external illuminated signage.
  • Interior design drawings of fitted furniture, including reception desk, integrated bench seating and work areas.
  • Site coordination with templates formed for interior fit out and furniture manufacturing.
  • Kara Makeup Northedge Architecture
  • Kara Makeup Northedge Architecture

This tubular building stands proudly along the edge of the A57 Mancunian Way ring road. It has evolved over the years and was previously used as the Urban Splash marketing suite. It is unique in it’s building form and it’s elevated position on stilts that criss-cross below it.

Kara Makeup Northedge Architecture
Kara Makeup Northedge Architecture

Kara approached us to help realise her vision for the space as a make up studio and training academy. Given the limited internal footprint, adjustments needed to be made to maximise the floor space and to use elements of fixed and moveable furniture as dividers. The interiors are able to adapt to differing scenarios by having areas that are more private for customers which is essential in providing a greater sense of one-to-one personalised service. In comparison, the space being used as a training facility also required the flexibility to open up areas for group teaching and practical learning.

Kara Makeup Northedge Architecture

We were employed to produce plan layout drawings and obtain planning permission to secure the change of use application for the intended use as a make up studio. Although Kara was well established in her field, this was an opportunity to grow her brand to a wider audience and establish the company as one of the market leaders. The external signage was important to get the name out there and we added further detailed drawings to ensure compliance with Manchester council, particularly as it was planned to be illuminated at night.

Kara had an initial vision for the interior design which was in line with her brand guidelines of using pink tones. However, having not had a physical space to work with before in this way lead to her requiring visualisations of the space and greater input on how to make the concepts a reality.

Kara Makeup Northedge Architecture
Kara Makeup Northedge Architecture

We produced detailed furniture design drawings which enabled furniture manufacturers to quote, detail and build the bespoke items in line with the vision. This coordination was critical as the curved walls of the metal shell were a trick constraint to design around, especially when we required more practical and regular forms such as worktops, tables and desks.

Although a fairly small site, the impact is impressive. It is a landmark building in Manchester which we are proud to have been involved in and the interior design brings a stunning ambience to the space. We are told that customers really feel that it is a experience that is unrivalled by other studios. The building is a reflection of the direction the company is going in, it is unique, elevated above the competition, out there to create an statement as an individual brand.

Kara Makeup Northedge Architecture