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Biancos, Sale

We had undertaken works for our clients in Sale to design an outbuilding annex which was successfully achieved with a off-time timber frame construction. Off the back of that proposal we were involved in the redesign of the well established café and pizzeria Biancos. Located in the heart of Sale town centre, the eatery is positioned along a in close proximity to Stanley Square and the high street. There are also two nearby local supermarkets which create a footfall past Biancos. As a result the owners brief was to create a shopwindow whereby passers by could observe the handmade pizza making and internally within the shop present a to customers their skilled trade behind the counter.

Sale, Manchester


Scope of Work

  • Measured survey of existing commercial premises in the Sale Town Centre.
  • Existing plan layout drawings of kitchen equipment and furniture set up.
  • Proposed plan drawing of interior including for pizza oven and new preparation area with street facing window.
  • Planning application not required as continued Italian restaurant and café use.
Biancos Sale Northedge Architecture
Biancos Sale Northedge Architecture

Biancos have their gifting displays of Italian produce and delicate pastries counter. The interiors are very much open and honest to give a feeling of informality and casual approach to dining. We surveyed the existing furniture and equipment and produced a proposed plan arrangement rearranging the counter positions, work stations and pizza ovens so the works could be coordinated prior to implementing on site. This was important for the owners who required minimal downtime for the store closure while the works were occurring.

Biancos Sale Northedge Architecture
Biancos Sale Northedge Architecture

We have earned our reputation in Sale as experienced and creative architects who have a consistent track record of planning approvals with Trafford Council. Prior to setting up Northedge Architecture we had a portfolio of experience from a mix of residential and commercial architecture practices across Manchester and Lancashire. We have translated our knowledge to a wide range of sectors including small scale commercial and community architecture projects which include local restaurants, dental practices and offices. We are delighted to have been involved in this scheme that is recognised locally as one of the best places for authentic slice of Italian pizza.

Biancos Sale Northedge Architecture