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We can proudly state that we have achieved hundreds of planning approvals within the region with the majority passing first time.

We design with the planning parameters in mind so that the concept stage is capable of passing the assessment of the local councils without significant alterations required.

We are recognised as an accredited agent for householder applications within Trafford Council and this requires us as local architects to understands the authorities planning requirements and as they state ‘have a proven track record for submitting quality applications’.

We support our clients intentions with pushing the boundaries of their requirements but it is also our role to manage expectations to ensure that there is a balance between what is desired and what is attainable.

Planning Northedge Architecture

What is Planning Permission?

Planning permission is a legal requirement that homeowners often require from the local planning authority before starting construction. It ensures that the proposed development aligns with the local development plan and meets specific guidelines and regulations.

It is often a guide on how to develop properties in line with the local vernacular so that the street scene is maintained and consistent in language where appropriate. This is of course subject to individual circumstances and context with the adjacent surroundings. In some cases planning permission is not required when extending properties as Permitted Development rights are applicable to the majority of properties across the UK. This can often enable homeowners to undertake single storey extensions, dormers and outbuildings without planning permission, although in some cases clients will opt to obtain a Lawful Development Certificate to give peace of mind prior to the building works commencing.

Why is Planning Permission Important?

Planning permission ensures that your project adheres to local planning policies, safeguarding the environment, preserving architectural heritage, and maintaining the overall quality of the neighborhood.

It also helps prevent potential conflicts with neighbours and provides a framework for sustainable and responsible development. Without controlling measures many homeowners would have free reign to develop their homes and this would inevitably result in overdevelopment, increased overbearing on neighbouring properties and the inappropriate appearance of the property on the street scene. Overlooking and privacy issues are also controlled through planning guidance.

Expert Guidance

We have extensive experience navigating the planning permission process for residential projects.

We will guide you through every step, from the initial consultation to the submission of the application. We conduct a thorough site analysis, taking into account local constraints, regulations, and the unique characteristics of a property. As architects, our passion is design first and foremost and we will strive to be innovative in how we address the parameters of the councils. We will always strive to make the most of the space as our objective is design around the constrains not letting the constraints dictate the design.

Acting as Agent

We take away the administrative stress from our clients by preparing and submitting the planning application preparation on their behalf.

Acting as the agent throughout the planning phase we will answer any queries the council have and are happy to accommodate changes to the design if it will result in a successful approval for our clients. We build this into our service at no additional fee, so we will not seek more fees for changing a design at a time where the applicant is most vulnerable. It is part of our ethos of being transparent and trustworthy in a bid to forge positive ongoing relationships with our clients.

Unlocking Potential

With our expertise in planning permission, we help you unlock the full potential of your residential property. Our innovative designs not only meet regulatory requirements but also enhance functionality, aesthetics, and long-term value. From extensions and conversions to new builds, we deliver tailored solutions that fulfill your vision.

In some cases we will encourage applicants to push the extent of the proposal if their budget can stretch as it can often be more cost effective overall to undertake a single phase of building works as opposed to cutting the scope of the extension down into multiple stages as this would double overheads during the build and likely involve changes to the newly done areas of the house. We would establish early on the intent of the applicant whether they consider it a forever home, a stepping stone or a potential investment. This is crucial in formulating a strategy for the works as personal taste and desires can often be tempered if the home is considered a shorter term prospect.