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Interior Design

Northedge Architecture specialises in creating stunning interiors are both beautiful and functional. We are passionate about crafting personalised designs that reflect the individual occupants. Our expertise spans from working on boutique hotels, luxury homes, and high end restaurants / bars. From this experience across a wide range of sectors we are able to tailor our designs to suit varying briefs. Architecture and interiors work along side one another which is where we are best placed to guide clients on both aspects.

Interior Design Northedge Architecture

Inside and Out

Interior design goes beyond the selection of furniture and finishes. It plays a crucial role in enhancing ambiance, optimising functionality, and expressing an individual personality. Having an extension or renovation doesn’t necessarily equal added value. We provide guidance on how to have continuity between the architecture and interiors so that they are of equal quality and have long term appeal.

We maximize the functionality of each space, making the most of every square meter by exploring avenues for storage nooks and cupboards. With the drive towards open plan living, it is essential to offset the lack of wall space with practical storage solutions. By collaborating closely with our clients we create an interior that represents them individually.

Source for kitchens and interiors

With our many years of experience in the industry we have established relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. We are able to offer a turnkey solution to take away the stress of having to shop around for furniture and finishes. By going to our network, we are able to bring samples to our clients so they can review tile and wood flooring finishes and have the added benefit of our advice on maintenance and long term use.

We have designed kitchens from the very beginning and understand the layouts that best optimise the storage and practical needs. With a push towards open plan kitchen dining arrangements, there is often less wall space for storage and we therefore offset this through introducing tall larder units or creating utility / pantry areas where possible. We are able to provide costs and kitchen supply through out partnering companies and with our project management service can assist in ensuring the installation is seamless and stress free.

Lighting the way

Selection of the right lighting for the space can be a crucial part of creating the right ambience for day and night scenarios throughout the year. We take a passive design approach initially to lighting the space, so where possible we will encourage natural daylight into the spaces so that there is a sustainable and energy efficient approach from the beginning.

We produce electrical / lighting plans for clients who require clarity on the number and position of lights. Our approach goes beyond flooding the space with spotlights, but more so to consider appropriate spacing in relation to room and the function it is illuminating. We will offer alternative lighting sources such as integrated LED strip lights, potential feature light positions and opportunities for wall, floor and table lamps.

We also advise clients on the temperature of the lighting as selecting a cooler 6000k light will make the space feel modern and bright but if the client’s preference is a cosy, warmer feel then they may require lighting that is more to the 3000-4000k range.

As we work on the interiors and architecture as a sinuous relationship, we will also consider how external lighting can be implemented to elevate the external architecture. This can be in the form of ambient up and down lighting to highlight feature elements or more practical solutions as simple as having lighting for taking items out to the bins when it’s dark and having a lights near the front door to ease of functionality.