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Cost & Project Management

We take a holistic approach to project management, overseeing every phase of the project from concept to completion.

Cost & Project Management Northedge Architecture

Be it a small single storey extension or larger house renovation, we believe that pre-planning a project goes a long way to getting to the end goal. Successful residential projects are often built around the strong foundations of comprehensive cost and project management.

Our architects have a vast range of experience that has been gathered from years in the construction and architecture industry. These include working on a range of projects from bespoke residential projects, sustainable homes, conversions and renovations of period and listed buildings among commercial hotels, apartments and restaurants. Each project has had it’s unique challenges to overcome and through advanced organisation we have been able to either address the problems before they arise or give opportunities within the workflow to adapt efficiently.

What Cost and Project Management services to you provide?

We provide a comprehensive service to oversee the financial aspects and overall progress of the project. We handle the strategic planning, budgeting, cost estimation, procurement, and coordination to ensure the project stays on track, within budget, and meets the desired outcomes. In the early stages of the design we will offer cost estimates based on cost per square meter rates and budgets for additional finishes such as kitchens and bathrooms. We can then explore those areas in more detail through cost scheduling which will itemise each component of the build. The more we are involved in the design of these details, the more we can introduce a realistic cost plan for the scheme.

We are also able to schedule a timeline for the project so clients can plan their time around the prospective key dates during the build. We will offer advise on how to make these important decisions as they will inform the build as it progresses. For example obtaining an early kitchen and bathroom design will inform the services for drainage and electrics and therefore assist the contractors early on with their first fix. Although the finishes are to be installed much later in the programme, foresight on this is paramount in ensuring a smooth build.

Navigating the build

Effective cost and project management is vital to the success of any architectural project as it allows for efficient allocation of resources, minimizes risks, and ensures timely completion. With our expertise, we can navigate complex financial and logistical challenges, anticipate potential issues, and implement strategies. These largely include:

Comprehensive Financial Planning – We develop detailed budgets and cost estimates, considering various factors such as materials, labour and contingencies. Our meticulous planning helps you make informed decisions and avoid cost overruns.

Strategic Procurement – Agreeing terms with builders can be tricky and we assist our clients on how to deal with contracts. We can act as the intermediary to allow payment plans are agreed and suitably in line with the timeline for the project. Our strong industry connections enable us to secure competitive pricing and favorable terms in many cases.

Project Coordination – We provide comprehensive project coordination, ensuring all parties work cohesively towards the project’s objectives. We monitor progress at pre agreed interim stages, address issues promptly, and facilitate effective communication among team members.

Established Milestones – Building works can be enduring for even the seasoned property developer. For those embarking on it for the first time, establishing project goals and key milestones are an important way of validating the progress and boosting motivation for the next stage. Often quality slips when budgets get squeezed towards the end of the project and it is our role to assist with phasing the works accordingly so that quality is consistent throughout.

Streamlined communication – Providing a personable and efficient service is paramount for us and we ensure this occurs through the assignment of a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact. This avoids duplicated discussions around the same topic and enables clarity in the decision making process. We have built trust with our client base.