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Rebranding – A New Direction for Northedge Architecture


Northedge Architecture are delighted to announce we have undertaken a rebranding exercise with Manchester based graphic design agency Superfried. Having searched far and wide for the right company to work alongside, we felt Mark Richardson’s portfolio on strong visual branding and local knowledge of Manchester would prove vital in taking us to the next level.

Rebranding - A New Direction for Northedge Architecture Northedge Architecture

Maintaining our core values

We have maintained the name Northedge Architecture as Northedge derives from the family home where our architectural journey first started. We also felt that rather than changing the name to Architects, the term Architecture had a broader scope to relate to the built environment as a whole. Given our services expand to include interior design, 3D visualisation, project management among others, architecture would cover all of these related sectors.

Rebranding - A New Direction for Northedge Architecture Northedge Architecture

Local recognition

We had initially not required a logomark as a critical part of the brief, however, having explored some initial geometric based designs and discussed with Superfried on the range of applications, we felt this was a positive direction to ensure our company would be recognised locally. We explored how this would be applied on different mediums at differing scales including on the website, business cards, sign boards, branded clothing and drawing titleblocks. The logo is added to our hard hats and high viz jackets so when we visit building sites, we can arrive to site as a professional presence and we can be identifiable to trades that we may be meeting for the first time. We obtain a large amount of work locally through our reputation and referrals from previous clients.

Rebranding - A New Direction for Northedge Architecture Northedge Architecture

Setting the tone

The neutral colour palette is largely employed to simplify legibility of our branding documents, but we felt that there was an opportunity add a pop of colour with mustard and burnt orange so that there is recognition over time to associate these colours with our brand. This would be best employed on media such as business cards and sign boards outside houses. Superfried also explored how the graphics could also be expanded in the future to branded items such as water bottles and graphics within an office space so that there is continuity in the work environment to reflect the brand too.

Rebranding - A New Direction for Northedge Architecture Northedge Architecture

Cutting edge

With the word ‘edge’ within our name, we felt that the logo needed to demonstrate this dynamic characteristic of our architects practice. The logo form is derived from the letter ‘N’ which is deconstructed and formed out of solid and void forms. We felt this worked with our construction related industry where our input is largely pulling together the pieces of the puzzle. Our designs evolve through the process and schemes develop over time.

Rebranding - A New Direction for Northedge Architecture Northedge Architecture

Balanced branding

The letter ‘N’ is formed from 3 parallelograms which interlock and the void, white element at the centre of the logomark is held in balance by the adjacent black forms. This demonstrates how a deconstructed shape can still feel stable, solid and in control, characteristics that are part of our ethos in offering consistency and reliability to our clients. As much as our designs are often working on existing houses that can in some instances be period properties, our intent is often to bring these properties to modern standards and blend the old and new together. Our logo needed to be neutral in some ways, by allowing the imagery, examples of work and drawings to speak for themselves and for the branding to not overshadow that.